Victoria Todd

Victoria Todd is a summa cum laude graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a B.A. in Sociology and Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Administration.  A qualified child psychoanalyst, she completed her training at the Hanna Perkins Center for Research in Child Development.  She is now a candidate in adult analysis at the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center.

A member of the American Psychoanalytic Association, the Association for Child Psychoanalysis and the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center, she teaches classes and workshops at Case Western Reserve University.  She served on the Treatment Subcommittee of the Ohio Child Sexual Abuse Grant and was a member of the Guardian ad Litem Advisory Board and the Children at Risk Coalition.

Based on her 25+ years of experience in assisting children, adolescents and parents as well as her work as a preschool, elementary, middle and high school consultant, she received the President’s Award from the Junior League and was named in Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals in Mental Health-Honor’s Edition, Who’s Who Among Executive and Professional Women in Healthcare and Who’s Who Among American Women.

Published Articles

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Kenna Mycek

Kenna Mycek earned a M.S.W. from Cleveland State University, where she was inducted into the Phi Alpha Honor Society in 2006 for her academic achievement.  She received the Social Worker Recognition Award from Cuyahoga County in 2000, based on her outstanding work on behalf of children and families.  She then completed her training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Cleveland Psychoanalytic Center and is currently a candidate in child analysis at the Hanna Perkins Center for Research in Child Development.

Published Articles

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